Buns Hawaii


A shortage of labor and recognized low margins of the foodservice business lead us to re-creating a coffee kiosk concession at the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa Campus.


We created a new merchandise/food concept including business modeling, financial forecasting (via SumoSum.com), brand (name, logo, merchandise), website, menu and environmental graphics. Buns Hawaiiʻs business model is selling Buns-branded lifestyle merchandise, attracting customers via a value-oriented slider foodservice offering.

The model is premised on the idea that branded merchandise yields higher profits with less labor than traditional foodservice. 

A secondary offering of Shaka X Coffee drinks is a collaboration whereby a percentage of profits is donated to the nonprofit Project Shaka program. See ProjectShaka.com »

Services provided include:

  • Business modeling & financial forecasting.
  • New brand (name, logo, URL).
  • Environmental graphics.
  • Merchandise design.
  • Website design & development (BunsHawaii.com).