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Our team of web engineers offers basic website development, digital marketing, data entry and support services. This team is comprised of a blend of individuals with complimentary skill sets to cover most typical website development circumstances.

WEBSITE RETAINER PACKAGES. Website engineering services are available at discount if you are willing to commit to a minimum of service hours per month for at least 12 (twelve) months. Such packages are ideal for large and lengthy website builds, significant on-going website content management and recurring data entry. Retainer Package discount rates apply to Web Engineer and Data Entry service hours, including hours that exceed any months’ minimum. Consulting hours in excess of Retainer Package allotments will be billed in addition to the Retainer Package fee. Monthly consulting hours for a Retainer Package not used during each month are forfeited and thus do not carry over to future months. Services for other functions and roles including but not limited to Senior Engineer, Business Consultant, branding, UI/UX design, and digital marketing are not included in Retainer Packages and will be billed in addition to any Retainer Package fees and on hourly non-discounted rates. Package options include:

  • 10 Hrs/Mo Minimum: 30% DISCOUNT ($700/mo retainer, services at $70/hr).
  • 20 Hrs/Mo Minimum: 40% DISCOUNT ($1,200/mo retainer, services at $60/hr).
  • 40 Hrs/Mo Minimum: 50% DISCOUNT ($2,000/mo retainer, services at $50/hr).
  • 80 Hrs/Mo Minimum: 60% DISCOUNT ($3,400/mo retainer, services at $40/hr).
  • 160 Hrs/Mo Minimum: 70% DISCOUNT ($4,800/mo retainer, services at $30/hr).

For the most difficult technical issues, we offer Senior Engineers with 20+ years of experience in software/website planning, project management and engineering. Such professionals are only available at hourly rates outside the scope of monthly retainer packages.

Our business consultants offer perspective that connects the dots between traditional business strategy and information technology through 20+ years of experience in business visioning, strategic development, branding, operations, communications and/or other business disciplines. Such professionals are only available at hourly rates outside the scope of monthly retainer packages.

We offer premium WordPress-optimized hosting that includes monitoring and annual SSL Certificate. Packages scale by maximum visits per month and size of data storage:

  • BASIC PACKAGE: $25/mo, billable annually, ideal for small websites. Includes up to 25,000 visits/mo, 10 GB data storage, 50GB bandwidth.
  • PLUS PACKAGE: $50/mo, billable annually, ideal for mid-size and small e-commerce. Includes up to 75,000 visits/mo, 15 GB data storage, 125GB bandwidth.
  • GROWTH PACKAGE: $100/mo, billable annually, ideal for large websites and ecommerce. Includes up to 100,000 visits/mo, 20 GB data storage, 200GB bandwidth.
  • SCALE PACKAGE: $250/mo, billable annually, ideal for high-visitation websites. Includes up to 400,000 visits/mo, 50 GB data storage, 500GB bandwidth.
  • CUSTOM PACKAGES: Hosting for higher levels of activity or data storage is available on a custom basis.


New Information & E-Commerce Website Development Packages

Info Site

for small businesses & nonprofits



for small e-commerce sellers



discounted fees for monthly minimums

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Maximum number of pages such as information pages, blog summary, blog posts, portfolio, portfolio posts, product or category pages, form pages.
5 pages 10 pages -
Contact Forms*
Includes 1 contact form.
1 1 -
Content Upload*
Upload client-provided content.
Yes Yes -
Packages inlcude two revision cycles per page. Additional revisions billed as hourly extra service.
2/page 2/page -
Responsive Design*
Page content scales and stacks for various formats including desktop, pad and mobile.
Yes Yes -
Speed Optimization*
All pages optimized for download speed.
Yes Yes -
Deployment and launch at clientʻs hosting service.
Yes Yes -
Includes basic installation and configuration of product categories, checkout, cart, payment, shipping, taxes, login and csutomer profile.
- WooCommerce Install* -
Time Estimate*
Required production time is contingent upon client providing content, resources and feedback/approvals in a timely manner.
10 business days 20 business days -


Premium Hosting for WordPress Websites


for small websites


billed annually


for mid-size & small e-commerce


billed annually


for large websites & ecommerce


billed annually


for high-visitation websites


billed annually


for mission-critical sites

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Sites Included*
Maximum number of site addresses hosted under plan.
1 3 10 30 -
Maximum number of page visits per month.
25000 75000 100000 400000 -
Local Storage*
Maximum disk space store.
10GB 15GB 20GB 50GB -
Maximum amount of data transfers to your environments per month.
50GB 125GB 200GB 500GB -



AWS Hosting for Software Applications


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$ 300 Monthly
  • Minimum monthly billing.
  • API Calls Included: 50,000/month
  • API Call Overages: $0.0025/call