O-WOW owner and social venturer Steve Sue, felt that financial forecasting was underserved in business, startup and nonprofit communities. The space is predominated by Excel spreadsheet documents that are blunt-force tools at best and at worst simply not accurate. At the same time, the bottom line of any business is a number, i.e., profit. Thus starting from financials to cost, justify and defend all the ideas that make up a business model is superior to traditional language-based business planning, followed by translation to numbers.

We created a financial forecasting and concept development app thatʻs visual, fast and easy. Many say itʻs fun. SumoSum allows users to visually sculpt real-time financial charts to success, itʻs far easier to navigate than spreadsheets and just-in-time hints, tips and definitions are built in. The system also features a robust footnoting system to uptake all the salient parts of a business plan that defend forecast numbers, multi-user functionality so unlimited numbers of team members and mentors can work on financials together, a team comment system, and deliverables include key charts, graphs and traditional Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet. O-WOW is both the developer and publisher of SumoSum and provided the following:
  • Application Concept (Design, Use Case, Tech Specs).
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Cloud-based Application Coding, QA, Maintenance.
  • New Brand (name, logo, URL, UI/UX).
  • Website Design & Development (