We created a financial forecasting and concept development app thatʻs visual, fast and easy. Many say itʻs fun. SumoSum allows users to visually sculpt real-time financial charts to success, itʻs far easier to navigate than spreadsheets and just-in-time hints, tips and definitions are built in.


We created a “Costco for restaurants” business model, brand and store for Y. Hata & Co. The model bridges the gap between restaurant and grocery markets by making restaurant-grade food available to both professionals and residents.

The Pantry

We created a drive-thru food bank business model anchored by a custom software application. Key features include a robust client membership system, e-commerce shopping, backend inventory, volunteer picking, drive-thru pickup notification and robust non-profit reporting.

Waikiki Trolley

We re-branded Waikiki Trolley including new slogan, “The fun way to see Hawai’i,” logo, fleet wraps, map guides, advertising, theme song and merchandise.

Buns Hawaii

We created a new merchandise/food concept including business modeling, financial forecasting (via, brand (name, logo, merchandise), website, menu and environmental graphics. Buns Hawaiiʻs business model is selling Buns-branded lifestyle merchandise, attracting customers via a value-oriented slider foodservice offering.


We created a new online student hackathon application. Key features include a library of team-based experiences, multi-user functionality, judging, contest and prize platform and curriculum editing.

Global Aloha

We created an online volunteerism app for Punahou School that features a library of student capstone projects that volunteers can sign up for, aggregates volunteer time and performance metrics, and a social feed system whereby volunteers to a project can contribute post content to help tell the story of capstones they participate in.


We created an online Learning Management System for medical students and professionals to navigate and learn the HCC risk assessment and healthcare cost system.

Clean Energy Games

We created two online multi-player card-style computer games for elementary school children. Together, with our offshore partner AsthaIT, we designed, built, tested, debugged and hosted two interactive games

ID8 Studios

ID8 Studios Front

Through our sister nonprofit ID8, we created a new digital media soundstage for the State of Hawai’i, Creative Industries Division including pipe grid, power distribution, sound attenuation, lighting, brand, and website with booking engine.